Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sprinkles - Cuban Coffee Cupcake

As soon as I heard about the new coffee cupcake at Sprinkles, I made it a point to go and pick one up, haha.  I love coffee desserts/sweets in general and I knew that this one would be no exception!

Here's the official description from the Sprinkles website: After late nights dancing in Havana, morning always comes too soon. Wake up with Sprinkles Cuban Coffee cupcakes! This Belgian light chocolate cake is topped with powerful dark roast coffee frosting and subtle notes of cinnamon and cocoa. Just add a glass of milk to turn your café cubano into a cafecito!

The highlight of this cupcake is definitely the dark roast coffee frosting - a really rich and strong coffee flavor that is not overly sweet.  I could probably eat this coffee frosting on just about anything and try to justify it was a reasonable breakfast, haha.  

This cupcake flavor is available until April 28th, so be sure to get one before then if you love coffee and chocolate like I do!  

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