Friday, August 2, 2013

Georgetown Cupcake - August Flavors

This month brings us THREE specialty flavors at Georgetown Cupcake, woohoo!

The August flavors are:

- Banana SplitFresh banana cupcake with a fudge core topped with a vanilla cream cheese frosting, a fudge drizzle, hazelnuts, rainbow bobbles, and a maraschino cherry

- Peaches & Cream: Classic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cupcake baked with fresh peaches and topped with a peach-infused vanilla buttercream frosting and a fondant peach

- Neapolitan: Classic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cupcake with “twisted” chocolate buttercream and strawberry buttercream with a pink fondant flower

I'm especially excited for the Neapolitan to be offered every day - it was recently a free secret flavor and I loved it! 

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