Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pabu Izakaya - Baltimore, MD

A while back my friend E, her husband S and I enjoyed a great dinner at Pabu Izakaya inside the Four Seasons in Baltimore.  The space is really pretty, and the menu was a great mix of familiar Asian flavors with a modern twist.  All of our dishes were beautifully presented, and delicious - especially those Berkshire pork ribs, yum. I can't wait to go back again and try more of their dishes!

Amberjack sashimi

Berkshire pork country ribs

Ahi tuna poke

Robata Platter - 5 assorted skewers, garlic butter rice

Dessert Omakase - Mango panna cotta, green tea-lemon Genoise, rose mochi ice cream, lemongrass brown butter bonbon

Soy caramel chocolate pudding

Pabu Izakaya
Four Seasons Baltimore
725 Aliceanna Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

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