Monday, August 26, 2013

Montgomery County Agricultural Fair

Last Saturday my friends M, K, and I spent the sunny afternoon at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair - I've heard about this fair on radio and bus advertisements for years but have never been.  I know most county fairs are big but this one was no joke - it started to feel like Las Vegas, where you walk forever and never seem to find the "end", and you lose all track of time, haha. It was a mix of carnival fun and lots of agricultural stands, events, and of course lots of animals.  I look forward to checking out the fair again sometime!   

Fry all the things!

I don't think this sheep was cold, but probably freshly shorn?

Pig races!

A camel... yeah this fair is just all over the place, haha.

This looks less than appealing (various body parts came to mind when the three of us saw this), but the red velvet funnel cake with cream cheese icing was SO GOOD. 

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