Thursday, September 19, 2013

Seattle Visit - Nishino Restaurant

During my recent visit to Seattle, my parents and I got to try the omakase dinner at Nishino restaurant.  The restaurant itself is on the outskirts of what I consider to be central/downtown Seattle, tucked away into a hilly residential area. The space was pretty small but very bright and airy throughout the dining room, with an open kitchen.  All of the courses were fresh, delicious, and mostly seafood-based as you can see in the photos, which I really enjoyed. It was all beautifully presented and overall a really lovely dinner!

1: Salmon, toro, clam

2: Amaebi shrimp ceviche

3: Albacore tuna sashimi and salad

4: Miso cod, vegetables

5: Walla Walla onion, maitake mushroom, and oyster tempura

6: Arctic char and vegetables

7: Nigiri, negitoro roll, soft shell crab roll

8: Assorted mochi and fresh fruit

3130 E. Madison
Seattle, WA 98112

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