Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Seattle Visit - Tanakasan Restaurant

After seeing a Serious Eats post about TanakaSan in Seattle, I knew I definitely wanted to try it out the next time I was in town!  The menu seemed Asian/mostly Japanese, with a bit of a twist in the ingredients or the preparation, which I always like trying out just to see how creative some chefs can be.

To start off brunch, my mom and I got some yuzu and tea drinks and settled down with the menu.  We chose a few plates from the dim sum menu, as well as the tanakasan ramen which was more of an "entree" size compared to the others.  

The dishes were all really great - I especially liked the pork belly and corn in the ramen, and the addition of bacon to the Osaka pancake (okonomiyaki in Japan) was a welcome change, haha. The restaurant space was airy and bright, and I would love to come back again to try some other dishes - especially the twice fried chicken wings which we didn't have enough room for this time!

Part of the brunch menu

Lemongrass pork- bibb lettuce, nuoc cham, pickled daikon
Chili char squid- fragrant herbs, jicama, lime, serrano chiles

Osaka pancake- shrimp, bacon, bonito, Kewpie mayo

TanakaSan ramen- rich pork & sweet corn broth, pork belly, soft egg, black garlic butter, scallion, shiitake

2121 6th Avenue
Seattle, WA 

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