Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bakers & Baristas

A few weeks ago, my friend R and I met up for a weekend lunch at Bakers & Baristas in DC.  I thought they sold sandwiches and other "lunch" foods, but apparently they aren't selling them yet.  Since we were already there, we decided to pick a few items from the lovely-looking pastry case to try out!

Along with some coffee, we ordered a Cinnamon swirl bun (left) and Butterkuchen (right) which consists of custard, toasted almonds & pastry cream.  Both were tasty but I really loved the Butterkuchen.  As someone that is a big fan of custard breads (especially from Japanese bakeries), it was no surprise that I would like this custard-studded fluffy bread.  It's a cute spot to grab a pastry and a latte to go, or sit down in the shop and catch up with friends. It's always nice to have a new option for a casual coffee/pastry shop in the area! 

Bakers & Baristas
501 7th Street NW
Washington, DC 20005

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  1. I like the color scheme and I think it's a cute spot to grab coffee but I'm still on the fence about their pastries