Monday, February 23, 2015

Shake Shack - Valley Forge Freeze

One nice thing about work travel is getting to meet up with friends in certain areas - and even better is traveling somewhere with a Shake Shack!  This was my second trip to the King of Prussia, PA Shake Shack, and I enjoyed a delicious dinner there with my friends I and B.  

I definitely wanted to try another concrete that I couldn't get in the DC area, and the Valley Forge Freeze looked like a great choice.  I've had concretes at Shake Shack before with blondie pieces, and this version with cheesecake blondie chunks sounded awesome!

This concrete definitely was all that I hoped it would be - lots of sprinkles, blondies, and caramel throughout.  Clearly chocolate is the dominant flavor, but I loved all of the other components that were liberally mixed in.  It was great seeing some friends out of town and enjoying something new at Shake Shack! 

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