Friday, May 15, 2015

Shake Shack Baltimore - Salty Balty Concrete

Now THAT is a perfectly crafted Concrete!  This photo is from my recent visit to the Shake Shack in Baltimore, MD.  It's basically across the street from the Baltimore Aquarium, so it's very easy to find if you are in that area.  Of course I had to try one of the location-specific Concretes, so I went with the Salty Balty: Chocolate and vanilla custard, chocolate truffle cookie dough, cheesecake blondie and sea salt.   As you can see, the Concrete looked perfect, with an even distribution of both cookie dough and blondie cubes.  This was AMAZING, especially the chocolate truffle cookie dough cubes,  and I highly recommend that everyone tries this out if they're in Baltimore! 

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