Friday, October 30, 2015

National Apple Harvest Festival - October 11th, 2015

It's pretty clear from my posts and rampant pumpkin purchases that I love fall, especially all of the foods associated with this time of year.  This of course includes all different kinds of fall festivals which pop up in the area during the fall, which is a great way to go somewhere new and enjoy the fall goodies.  

This was my second year going to the National Apple Harvest Festival, and it was a beautiful day to go check it out! I met up with my friend T and her family for the day, and we had a great sunny day to walk around.  This festival is just outside of Gettysburg, PA, and it's an easy drive from the DC area to go for the day.  There's lots of things for kids and adults to enjoy there, and of course lots of tasty food! 

This was the perfect snack to get things started, haha - once you order, a whole apple is cut up and then topped with warm caramel and chopped nuts - a much easier way to enjoy the taste of a caramel apple, haha.

 Sort of ironic that one of my favorite foods at the apple festival is actually pumpkin, but seriously- make sure you get this!! The pumpkin funnel cake with the cinnamon sugar topping is soooooooooo delicious.  

Of course I had to pick up some apple cider before heading out - apparently everyone else at the festival had the same idea because there was a huge line (especially since it was the last day of the festival).  I didn't want anything too big, so this little jar was perfect for me.  If you live close enough to drive out to this festival, it's definitely a worthwhile visit! 

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