Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mindy Kaling - DC Book Tour

Back in September, Mindy Kaling made a stop in DC on her book tour, and I was one of the lucky fans that was able to buy a ticket!  And I say really lucky because the tickets sold out online REALLY quickly, that I have no idea how I was able to snag one.

The event took place at Sixth & I, where I have also seen some of my other favorite celebs like Andy Cohen and Bethenny Frankel, and waited in a looooooooooooong line outside with a million other Mindy fans before we all flooded in to the building in a flurry of brightly colored accessories, haha.  

While Mindy was not doing a signing at the event, the ticket included an autographed copy of the book.  So far, the book is super funny and all Mindy fans will love it :o) 

This is obviously a horribly blurry photo, but I just wanted to show how CLOSE I was to Mindy as she walked in to the event - haha. I loved her dress! 

The discussion between the moderator and Mindy was awesome - lots of questions and a mix of funny and thoughtful responses from Mindy, for both professional and personal topics.  You could tell that everyone in the room really was a big fan of Mindy, and it was such a fun night! 

Lastly, I just wanted to share the first page of the book - I love that Mindy included a page basically made for her autograph, haha!  Be sure to pick up a copy of her new book if you're interested, and check her out at a book signing tour stop if she's coming to a place near you! 

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  1. So exciting that you got tickets!!!! Looked like a great event!