Thursday, October 8, 2015

Skoshbox - September Box

Here we have Skoshbox's September snack box, and there were lots of new to me items inside!  I love that there's always a variety of different flavors and snack types in these.  There's also just enough of one thing that's great for a snack, and it's a nice "taste test" of something that maybe become your new favorite!    

In the September box, my favorite item has to be the Jagabee butter soy sauce potato crisps - the butter soy sauce flavor was awesome, and it was the perfect savory snack with a ton of flavor and crunch.  In fact, because of the Skoshbox item, I specifically sought out different flavors of Jagabee potato crisps during my recent trip to Japan, whereas I might not have really looked for them if I hadn't tried them before.  

While I enjoyed the majority of the items in this box (not all at once just FYI, haha), I like that it's easy to share the snacks since they're all individually wrapped.  Especially when it's maybe not your favorite- like the coconut cookies on the back right.  I look forward to seeing what comes in this month's box!

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