Friday, March 23, 2018

DC CineMatsuri Film Festival

While the Tidal Basin cherry blossoms in DC haven't quite come out for the season just yet, there are a lot of fun Cherry Blossom festival activities starting in the DC area!  One of my favorite events is the CineMatsuri film festival, which started earlier this week on March 20th this year.

The CineMatsuri film festival is a showcase of a variety of Japanese films, and it's a great opportunity to catch some popular films that you might not have a chance to see otherwise.  So far I have been to see both "Teiichi No Kuni" and "Jinsei Fruits", and they were both really entertaining in different ways.  "Teiichi No Kuni" has a lot of physical comedy and a very creative story line (based on a manga series) that can relate to both school life and politics worldwide.  "Jinsei Fruits" is a very heartwarming look at an elderly couple in Japan that highlights incredible architecture, local and urban farming, and a "slow living" way of life.

Even if you're not specifically a fan of Japanese films, I highly recommend checking out the film offerings to see if any of them are of interest to you.  I'm glad I had a chance to see these films thanks to the festival, and I look forward to the future film selections as well!

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