Monday, August 6, 2018

Bon Matcha - Honeydew Melon Soft Serve

I really enjoyed the cherry blossom soft serve at Bon Matcha back in the spring, so I was happy to be able to try out a new seasonal flavor this past weekend when I was in the area.  Also, it was the perfect timing since I was using my Paper Source soft serve tote that day, haha!

The current seasonal flavor is Honeydew Melon, so I got that swirled with their Matcha flavor.  Love that perfect soft serve swirl! 

The Honeydew Melon flavor was like biting into a super ripe and sweet melon- they did a really great job with this flavor.  I was pleasantly surprised because I was wondering if it would really taste like the real fruit, or more like artificial candy.  This was the perfect treat on a hot summer day! 

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