Thursday, September 10, 2009

Review: The "New" Pizzeria Paradiso

Strangely enough, I never ventured over to the Pizzeria Paradiso at the old Dupont location- I've only ever eaten at the Georgetown spot. Sorta weird, given how much easier it is for me to get to Dupont, but I digress. The Dupont spot recently moved (about 10 feet down P street) to what I've heard is a bigger, more evenly spaced out area, so I figured it was time to give the Dupont branch a try.

B and I went at around 7pm on Friday, and the place was packed, with even more people filing in and out to put their names down on the list to be seated. It was a nice day out though so it wasn't really an issue. If it's raining or cold, I suggest grabbing some coffee next door at Le Pain Quotidien and checking on your table every so often from there.

We got a table that was 1/2 inside and 1/2 outside, which was actually pretty nice. I liked that they have the "enclosed" outdoor section for 2 reasons: 1) more tables are available and 2) you can enjoy the nice weather while you're eating.

Margherita Pizza: Tomato, Basil, Mozzerella.

Pizza di Mare: Tomato, Mussels, Garlic, Parsley, Parmesean.

I got the Margherita pizza above- great flavor, classic combination, pretty hard to mess up, to be honest, haha. It might seem like there's only tomatoes on one 1/2 of the pizza, but the other tomatoes were just hiding under the cheese, so there was an even distribution. The crust was a little undercooked/doughy for me, but still good. I liked the crust better when I re-baked my leftovers in the toaster oven the next day. B liked his mussels pizza, and/or was really hungry to begin with, but he said it was good, haha.

With a bottle of red wine, this was a tasty and not too pricey dinner out in Dupont. Definitely filling- I brought 1/2 of my pizza home and the leftovers were great. The place wasn't huge, and if you're a large group I'd recommend avoiding prime dinner hours cus you will probably be waiting a while. Highly recommended for a casual (but nicer than Jumbo Slice, ha) night out in Dupont!

Pizzeria Paradiso- Dupont Circle
2003 P Street NW
Washington, DC

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