Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cakewrecks Tour Stop, Bethesda

For those of you that didn't follow the whole Cakewrecks Book Tour story- here's the short version: Their original tour was cancelled right before the Bethesda date, due to 1/2 of the Cakewreck duo getting seriously sick.  The tour was rescheduled fairly quickly and I was impressed at their ability to move onward with the book tour- that's some serious dedication there.  So, on the 5th, N and I met up in downtown Bethesda for the tour stop at the Barnes & Noble.  

Adana Sandwich + Fries

We stopped at Levante's for a quick bite before heading over- I got the Adana Sandwich, which is "Ground lamb grilled on a skewer, topped with Ezmesalad", and fries on the side. This is a great deal at $7.95- I love the bread, the meat is flavorful, and the sandwich itself is pretty hefty- I took 1/2 home with me to eat the next day. But the best part has to be the fries- it's got that "breading"-type coating like a waffle or curly fry, crunchy and delicious!





The event was pretty packed by the time we got there- so we grabbed a spot on the floor - conveniently right by the cakes, haha.  The cake that we'd all get after their presentation was provided by Fancy Cakes By Leslie, which has a store a few streets over from the Barnes & Noble.  The Obama cake was a faux cake (I'm assuming styrofoam with fondant covering) that was meant for display only- the reason why this cake was at the book tour is pretty funny.  Turns out this Obama cake was featured AS a Cakewreck on the site, right around inauguration-time.  Shows that Leslie was a pretty good sport about it, considering she was featured AS a Wreck and still agreed to provide a cake for the book tour, ha.       

We had the option of buying the book or just staying for the talk, which was nice, since I wasn't sure if we were required to purchase a book in order to be there.  It's more of a fun book to get someone as a gift, and I didn't really feel like waiting in line to get it signed, so I didn't get one.  The talk was more or less a slideshow of John and Jen's favorite Cakewrecks, plus a bit of Q&A, mostly about how the site came to exist, and how many submissions they get (A LOT every day, apparently).  Then we got to eat a piece of the cake - it was chocolatey and rich, had a little bit of that almond-y taste I didn't like so much, but a fun end to a CakeWreck-y evening :o)    

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