Friday, November 6, 2009

Restaurant Review: Pizzeria Paradiso, Georgetown

Night #2 of T visiting DC, we met up in Georgetown for dinner.  Another case of good luck in Georgetown: I found a parking spot easily, walked into Georgetown Cupcake where there was NO LINE, and then walked to Pizzeria Paradiso where there was NO WAIT.  Love, love, love when all the timing aligns perfectly!

Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale, $7.25

I was also pleasantly surprised to see they had a special menu which included Pumpkin items- score!  The Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale (above) was a little heavier than the light-as-water-type beers I normally drink, but I actually enjoyed drinking it.  It didn't particularly taste like pumpkin but had a woodsy sort of smell/taste to it. 
8" Pumpkin Pesto, Pancetta, and Parmesean Cheese Pizza, $11.75

And onto Pumpkin Round 2, the Pumpkin pizza above.  I'd like to say that the pumpkin was the star- but let's be honest, anything with crisped fatty pieces of pancetta on it is going to be amazing no matter what else is there with it.  The pancetta was so wrong but so right.  Crispy, smoky, salty, and was a great contrast to the creamy and somewhat muted flavors of the pumpkin pesto. 

T also enjoyed the place, saying it was "full of cheesy, yummy, goodness", with her goat cheese/red onion/mozzerella pizza.  By the time we were leaving the place was steadily getting packed, and when we walked by it later that night, it was seemingly at full capacity, with people standing outside the doorway (suckaaaaas).  I'm not even a huge pizza person but Pizzeria Paradiso offers great toppings and a nice chewy (but not underbaked) crust that I enjoy v. much, and I would happily come back here again anytime (especially if there is no wait). 

Side Note: Thanks T/your company for both nights of dinners, haha.

Pizzeria Paradiso
3282 M Street NW
Washington, DC


  1. "The pancetta was so wrong but so right. Crispy, smoky, salty,"

    Interesting, considering that Pancetta, the Italian version of bacon, is made by seasoning a pork belly side with salt and lots of pepper, curling it into a tight roll, and wrapping it in a casing to hold the shape. It’s cured, but it isn’t smoked.

  2. This is a cute little review, sounds like a wonderful place. However, when are you going to review the greatest place in Arlington?....Summers. I know you have been there, what are you waiting for "K"?