Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NYC Weekend: Craftbar

A quick post to cap off the meals from my weekend in NYC, with dinner at Craftbar!  Craftbar is part of Tom Colicchio's string of restaurants, a little more on the casual end but still a v. nice restaurant.  My friend M and I started off w/ the arancini to start, and I got this porky wonder below:


Unfortunately the dish isn't listed on the current online menu, but it was a pork chop, fried egg, another pork (belly) under the egg, and greens and polenta as the base.  The pork was really tasty and v. moist, which isn't always easy to do!  This was delicious and a great wintertime meal.  As always, there's a lot more I wanted to try on the menu, so hopefully I'll get around to trying this place again soon!

900 Broadway
New York, NY 


  1. You were in NYC? Lucky girl! =D Man, that looks GOOD! I've been trying to convince the hubs to check out Craftsteak in Vegas.

    Stay warm!!!

  2. @SNC: Yup, just a quick weekend trip to visit friends. Ooh yes def go!!