Friday, December 17, 2010

NYC Weekend: Shake Shack

Before brunch on Saturday, we were nearby one of my favorites- I'm so happy we stopped by Shake Shack!! And so awesome that there was barely a line, I've never been this close to the ordering window when I first get there.

Since we were on our way to brunch, I unfortunately could not get a Shackburger, but made up for it by getting a custard, haha.  Their Saturday flavor was Gingerbread, which was appropriately festive, so I got a small cup of that. 

This custard was smooth, creamy, and definitely tasted like gingerbread.  The only negative thing is that the taste gets a little monotonous after a few bites, especially with a pretty strong flavor like gingerbread.  But, I'm happy I got to try it and would recommend it for anyone that likes gingerbread cookies or just being festive :o)

M opted for the Shack Attack concrete: chocolate custard with hot fudge (which she substituted w/ peanut butter sauce), chocolate truffle cookie dough, Valrhona chocolate chunks, and chocolate sprinkles.  This was SO good!  The cup was jam-packed with all sorts of chocolately, crunchy, rich, deliciousness.  I can't imagine finishing one of these alone- the three of us couldn't even finish it- but I'd be tempted to if I really was craving chocolate, haha.  I'm so grateful for the warm(er) weather we had this day so that we could enjoy these treats!


  1. That looks so yummy! Don't think I've ever had custard like that before.

    (Haha! All I have from him is a bag. Not enough!)

  2. @SNC: It's v. rich, but really delicious! Hope you acquire more SK stuff in 2011!