Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bayou Bakery Beignets

Earlier in January, I was in Arlington, VA for my friend A's baby shower.  I drove around for a little while trying to find street parking, then finally found the courthouse parking which is free for most of the weekend, score!  As an extra bonus, right across from where I parked was Bayou Bakery, which I had heard about but not yet had a chance to try.  Double score!

Since I needed to be at a hair appointment shortly after the baby shower ended, this trip was solely to check out the digs and pick up an order of beignets.  Unfortunately getting beignets to-go isn't really the best way to eat them, but since I was right there I figured I might as well try them.

The place was pretty packed for the middle of the afternoon- looked like lots of people were grabbing coffees and snacks, either catching up with friends or working on their laptops.  I liked that it had a casual feel of a local coffeeshop but a wider selection in terms of food. 

The beignets came in this cute bag :o)

The beignets are three to an order, for $3.00.  Liberally dusted (or should I say coated) with powdered sugar, they're card-sized pillows of tasty dough.  As you can see the sugar + heat didnt' do much for the appearance of these beignets on my drive back, haha. 

These were super tasty and I can only imagine how much awesome-r they'd be if I ate them fresh out of the fryer.  One personal issue is that I think there's too much powdered sugar on these- a little lighter hand on these could add the sweetness without completely caking the fried dough.  But then again I don't like powdered doughnuts much, so that probably is why I think that, haha.  Can't wait to come back and try out their other menu items!

Bayou Bakery
1515 North Courthouse Road
Arlington, VA 22201


  1. great photos!!! I haven't been to this place yet, but heard that the beignets definitely don't compare to those from NOLA :(

  2. I made beignets last year for the superbowl... very messy. Wish Bayou Bakery had been around then!!!

  3. I haven't yet visited Bayou Bakery, but after seeing your photos, I definitely need to make plans ... ASAP!

  4. I had them at the restaurant and they were cold and not appetizing. It was disappointing because the person at the counter had specifically told us that we should let them know when we are ready for the beignets so that they could be made fresh but they ended up being on our tray with our dinner. We enjoyed a lot of dishes there but no the beignets.

  5. @Olga: Thanks! Can't compare the two I think it's a worth substitute closer to home :o)

    @FrenchTwistDC: Yum, that sounds awesome!

    @Lindelle: Hope you get to go soon!

    @Sylvie: Oh no! Cold beignets sounds horrible- wish they could've waited until you were done with your dinner!