Thursday, February 17, 2011

Katy Perry + OPI Teenage Dream

I had heard about the new Katy Perry + OPI nail polish collection online for a while, and was looking forward to trying out the Black Shatter nail polish.  The Black Shatter goes on over your regular nail polish and "cracks" once it dries, giving your nails this cool shattered look to them.  Unfortunately, when I went to Ulta to buy it, they were all out of those :o( 

However, I saw the Teenage Dream polish and figured I'd pick that one up instead.

How fun is this polish?!  It's super glittery and sparkly, but the pink base is not too crazy, so it combines for a cute shade of polish.  It took about 3 coats to get the color and coverage I wanted, although it may vary based on your skin tone and color preferences.  I can definitely see myself using this in the summer especially!  It looks great on short nails, and I can see this being a fun pedicure option as well.  I'm still on the hunt for the Black Shatter polish, but I'm definitely happy that I got the Teenage Dream polish as well :o)