Thursday, May 19, 2011

Georgetown Cupcake - Thin Mint Cupcake


The Thin Mint cupcake was a special flavor for the month of April, with the proceeds going to the Girl Scout council of the Nation's Capital annual giving campaign.  

This Girl Scout cookie-based flavor is a chocolate cake with crushed Thin Mint cookies baked inside, topped with a chocolate ganache and decorated with fondant Girl Scout decorations.

Even though I'm not a fan of mint chocolate, this was really rich and tasted mostly of chocolate which I liked, haha.  The little bits of cookie inside were interesting and added a nice texture to both the cake and the frosting.  I wish they'd do the other Girl Scout cookies as cupcakes next time- mmmm Tagalong cupcakes!   


  1. love thin mints! I wish they had girl scout cookies in Japan!

  2. Agree tagalong would be awesome!

  3. @KandS: See, I could care less about GS cookies if I could have even 10% of the bakeries' goods from Japan! :o)

    @Ashley: Yummm

  4. @Maris: It was v. rich and chocolatey!