Monday, May 2, 2011

Martha Stewart Chocolate Ginger Brownies

I had a knob of ginger left over from making the filling for the Pillsbury pork steam buns, and flipped through Martha Stewart's Cookies book to see if there were any applicable recipes.  I saw the one for chocolate ginger brownies and thought it looked tasty and easy to make.

I liked how easy it was for everything to come together- it's pretty much a one-pot recipe, since you dump in a bunch of ingredients after melting the chocolate, haha.  Hey, anything that requires minimal cleanup is fine with me!

The ginger flavor is v. strong in these brownies, so be forewarned about that.  But then again, if you're making something called "chocolate ginger brownies" you should probably expect that, haha.  Because the flavors are pretty strong, it made sense to cut these into smaller squares when I brought them into work. 

I would've preferred a sweeter brownie personally, but I found these to be an interesting, and somehow more "grown-up" version of a regular brownie.  They seemed to go over pretty well at work, although brownie traditionalists didn't seem to love them that much, haha.  If you have a little nub of ginger left over that you aren't planning on using for cooking, give this recipe a try!


  1. Can't say I've tried ginger chocolate anything but I do love one-pot recipes! XD

    Btw, the steam buns look delish. What else besides pork is in the filling?

  2. Please give these to Dave! haha

  3. @SNC: It was nice to not have multiple bowls to clean! And lemme know if you wind up making dumplings or the steam buns.

    @Shannon: He would kill me haha.