Friday, May 27, 2011

Georgetown Cupcake - Hibiscus Mango Cupcake

At first glance, this may appear to be Georgetown Cupcake's (unmelted version of the) Vanilla Squared cupcake; white frosting, vanilla cake, colorful fondant flower topping- check, check, check.  However, this one is another May-only flavor, Hibiscus Mango.  This cupcake is a "Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cupcake infused with hibiscus syrup and fresh mango, topped with a hibiscus syrup-infused buttercream frosting and a vibrant orange fondant flower".

Similar appearances aside, you can definitely tell that this one is the Hibiscus Mango based on the smell alone.  It has a strong floral citrus scent that you definitely do not get from the Vanilla Squared cupcake.  I enjoyed this cupcake overall, but couldn't really get past the floral flavor throughout.  I'm not a big fan of flower-based tastes to begin with- seems weird to me to be eating something that could also make a good room spray, haha.  However, I liked the mango flavor and thought it was an interesting combination for a cupcake.


  1. Mano is awesome and this is one very pretty cupcake!

  2. @Mango: It looks v. spring :o)