Friday, September 10, 2010

Georgetown Cupcake - Vanilla Squared Cupcake

Lopsided Vanilla Squared

Ok, so it's not the prettiest cupcake photo by any means, but hey, it happens sometimes.  This cupcake was one of the "injured" ones from the free dozen that I won from Georgetown Cupcake a while back.  The Vanilla Squared cupcake is a: Classic madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake with a vanilla frosting topped with a fondant flower.  This falls into the "Keep It Simple, Stupid" category of cupcake flavors for me- Vanilla on Vanilla, not much more to it, haha.  However, the simple flavors don't make this a boring cupcake by any means.  You can tell that really good vanilla (as Ina Garten would say, haha) is used here, and it's sweet without tasting artificial.  No wonder my good friend T is a HUGE fan (seriously, I think she's only ever bought this flavor, haha!).  In conclusion, I wouldn't seek out this flavor every time, but I'd definitely include it if you were ordering a bunch for a party :o)  


  1. I have definitely tried many other flavors, but this one still ALWAYS wins!!! Sometimes the classic flavors are the best :-)

  2. @Trish: Yeah, it's a great Classic for sure!

  3. @Ilana: Haha yeah, unless you were paying for it.