Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tomato Pie in PA

So, during the fun-filled wedding bridal shower/bachelorette weekend up in Pennsylvania, I discovered the pleasures of a real-deal Tomato Pie.  At first, when I was told we were having Tomato Pie for lunch while prepping for the shower, I thought it was going to be more like a tart or quiche-esque meal.  But no, turns out a Tomato Pie in this instance is a Sicilian-type pizza crust with a thick tomato sauce and a smattering of cheese on top, which was served cold.  It sorta looked like a regular Sicilian slice with the melted cheese peeled off, haha.  Honestly though, I was hooked from the first bite.  It's so simple but so so so so so good!  Of course I have a special fondness for thick Sicilian pizzas since I was little- I was always the "difficult" one in my family that would as for my own separate Sicilians while everyone else split a regular pie, haha.  Anyone else out there familiar with this tasty regional treat?     


  1. YEAH!!! Tomato Pie is definitely a PA favorite!!

  2. Served cold? I don't like cold pizza but I'd def give this a try!

    P.S Got the book! =D

  3. @Shannon: Yeah, it's great!

    @Trish: Thanks for introducing it to me!

    @SNC: I guess more like room temp- haha. Glad you got the book!

  4. This is really common in my super Italian hometown in western PA, but there it's called "homestyle pizza." No matter what you call it, though, it's delicious and I wish it existed in DC.

  5. @Kristin: Oh nice, good to know what it's called in other areas of PA!