Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Treet Shop Goodies!!

Not too long ago, Treet Shop had a "Name Our Brownie" contest, where they were looking for name submissions to rename their "Treet formerly known as a Brownie + PB". I was super excited to find out that my entry, "Nut N' Better", qualified, and eventually WON as the new name of their delicious brownie!

Aside from having the name that I came up with on the product, Treet also gave me enough goodies for a party for 10 as part of winning!  I knew I'd love anything they sent me, but I wasn't fully prepared for just HOW MUCH they'd be giving me.  So thank you Treet Shop, you guys are fab!  Check out the goods below:

Cute packaging/color scheme

THE Nut N' Better brownies!

Three different Whoopie Pies

Beautiful Arnie P (Green tea + lemon) and Southern Bell (Red velvet) mini cupcakes

The Treet formerly known as a Brownie (these freeze REALLY well, by the way)

If anyone's looking for cute, delicious baked goods to send either yourself or as a gift to someone, definitely give Treet Shop a try.  They are friendly, helpful, and make FANTASTIC goodies!!


  1. gotta say you are super lucky with all these contests!

  2. those cupcakes look beautiful! i wonder how they make the roses.

    i've never tried their goodies, where can we buy them?

  3. @KandS: Thanks!

    @Shannon: Yeah everything was v. tasty!

    @nicole: They're available through their online store, or at the Cereal Bowl, Tynan Tea and Coffee, and a few other places in DC I think.