Monday, September 13, 2010

Mad Hungry Prize Pack

Mad Hungry prize pack!

I recently won a v. fun prize pack from the Mad Hungry blog, which included the cookbook, a t-shirt, and what I thought was a magnet (the small white thing in the bottom of the photo).  Turns out that "magnet" is a handy-dandy pan scraper, to be used for scraping up bits of food from pan-searing or general cooking in pans.  So useful!  I've looked through the cookbook a little bit, but haven't had a chance to really read through it unfortunately.  The basis of the cookbook (from what I could find online) is Chef Lucinda Scala Quinn's solutions for her real-life cooking dilemma- feeding the hungry men in her life.  While I can't say that I fall into that specific lifestyle/demographic, I do appreciate the straightforward recipes that are approachable and sound tasty.  Thank you, Mad Hungry, for the great prize pack!    

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