Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Japanarama Review: Saku-Saku Panda Caramel Milk Cookies

I'll be honest- I wasn't really sure what I was thinking when I picked up this box of Japanese cookies.  The pictures are totally bizarre, bordering on terrifying.  However, they're "caramel milk" flavored, and that was enough for me to give them a try.   

Ok- I don't care if I'm not 5 years old, these pandas are pretty creepy looking!!!   They remind me of the "Scream" mask, especially how the eyes are sorta oval-shaped and tilted down.  Gahhh! Ok anyway, enough about that... you might not be able to tell from the photo, but each cookie has a biscuit side (left) and a chocolate side (right).  So it's sort of an interesting take on a layered cookie, pretty intricate-looking compared to some other mass-produced cookies out there, I'd say.  Taste-wise, these cookies had a v. pleasant smell and taste- the caramel flavor was clearly present throughout.  I also liked the textural contrast between the soft chocolate "face" and the crisp biscuit "face".  I'd probably buy these again, obviously forgetting how creepy they look until I'm about to eat them for the second time, heh.   

Side note: Japan loves putting in random extras, or "omake", especially in kids-oriented products.  This particular box had a little plastic pouch with the scary panda mascot all over it.  Not really sure what I can use this for, maybe jewelry or small stuff when traveling?  Oh well, it's free, haha!


  1. They look too creepy to eat... I would assume that I'd probably get cursed if I ate one!

  2. @Shannon: Well hopefully I'm not cursed, ha!