Friday, September 3, 2010

Buzz Bakery Cupcakes

S and I recently ventured out to Old Town Alexandria, VA for bridesmaidrial duties, but stopped in Buzz Bakery on our way back.  The cafe is super cute, with lots of treats and gift items to look at.  The whole space had a v. neighborhood-y, comfortable feel to it. 

We each got a cupcake to eat there so we could sit and enjoy the cafe a little bit.  Also, I was excited to try out another one of their cupcake offerings - I've only tried their Buzz Cupcake from the Bethesda farmers' market before. 


Red Velvet cupcake

I decided to go with my "baseline" cupcake flavor, the Red Velvet.  It was a good size, with a nice cupcake/frosting ratio for me.  I loved the little chocolate curls on top, which gave the cupcake a little bit of texture and upped the cute factor for me.  Overall this was a solid cupcake with great flavor, and I'd definitely get it again.   

Gluten-free Chocolate and Almond

S got the gluten-free chocolate and almond cupcake pictured above.  I thought it looked cute, but quite a lot of almonds for a not-that-big cupcake, haha.  S had this to say about the cupcake: The frosting was definitely the best part of the cupcake! It was creamy and light, perfect for a hot summer day. The cake portion of the cupcake was a tad dry, and very crumbly, which as I'm starting to learn is very common for GF cupcakes. Overall, an average cupcake - but the atmosphere at Buzz totally made up for it.

Overall, we loved the cafe itself and were happy to be able to try the place out ourselves.  If I lived in one of the apartments nearby I would totally be in there every day, haha. Such a cute little spot!

Buzz Bakery

901 Slaters Lane
Alexandria, VA 22314


  1. @Shannon: We'll have to go back again soon!

  2. I have only had one red-velvet cupcake in my life, but it was delicious! The chocolate curls are pretty cute.