Monday, September 6, 2010

Japanarama Review: Milk Coffee Kit Kat

I haven't done a Kit Kat review in a while, huh?  Well if you were consumed by the horrifying thought of going another day without one- it's your lucky day!!!


Milk Coffee Kit Kats
I picked up this Milk Coffee Kit Kat box at a Japanese grocery store by me, so chances are it should be available in a Japanese/Asian supermarket by you also (at least, compared to the ones I get in Japan, haha).  I liked the idea of a milk coffee flavor because I figured it'd have a hint of coffee with a mostly sugar-based scent/taste.   

Uh.... yeah

Just wanted to point out here that this is what happens when you leave the Kit Kats in a warmer area of your apartment for a prolonged period of time...hopefully you guys won't make the same mistake I did, haha. But no matter- these Kit Kats smelled and tasted delicious!  A nice blend of milk and a hint of coffee, not too overpowering in smell or taste.  It's a white chocolate base, in case any of you aren't fans of that, but I liked this one a lot.  I would absolutely buy these again - fingers crossed they weren't a one-time only limited edition flavor, and they'll bring this back again!      


  1. Dude, I was totally munching on these yesterday...hehe.

  2. @SNC: So funny! Did you like them too?

  3. I liked it but felt it was a bit too sweet?

  4. @SNC: Yeah, I could see that- the white chocolate base especially is pretty sweet on these Kit Kats.