Monday, September 20, 2010

Recent Bloomingdale's Haul

Just a quick post on two items I recently picked up during a trip to Bloomingdale's! :o)

This Chanel color isn't new, but it struck me as such a pretty, fun-looking color that I had to get it.  It's a v. light, creamy lilac shade that looks great on short nails- I may also use it for a pedicure soon. 

I also took advantage of the Bloomingdale's sale/coupon during this trip, and picked up this cute little studded crossbody bag from BCBGeneration.  I love the metal + fabric chain (feels more sturdy than just a thin chain on its own), and the bag is small but roomy enough for all my going-out needs.  Super cute, and I got it for less than $25!


  1. love the nail polish color!!! I'm actually wearing a pinky/lilac color on my toes ;)

  2. So glad you found a cute small going out purse!

  3. Love the nail polish colour as well...

  4. @Olga: Haha nice, I'm wearing this one on my toes right now also!

    @michelle: Woo! Now I just want a daytime never ends...

    @FrenchTwistDC: Thanks! Yeah I'm looking forward to using it in the fall!