Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Georgetown Cupcake - April Fool's Cupcake

On April Fool's day (which yes, I realize was a while back by this point), I was pleasantly surprised to see Georgetown Cupcake's tweet saying that the day's free secret cupcake was the "April Fools' Cupcake".  I always love surprise cupcakes!

What made this free cupcake so exciting was the surprise element of these.  Instead of the regular paper bags like the usual free cupcake, this one came sealed up in their pink individual cupcake boxes.  When my friend H and I opened up the boxes, we saw the above: nestled in a red checkered paper was a cupcake burger!  The cream colored cupcake top tasted like their maple cupcake to me, and the bottom one tasted like a chocolate cupcake top.  In the middle was a LOT of frosting, colored to resemble lettuce, cheese, and tomato.  In terms of actually eating it, it was a bit much due to the insane amount of frosting in the middle, haha.  However, I thought this was such a cute idea and a really fun surprise for April Fools' day!

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