Monday, May 14, 2012

World Market Red Velvet Milk Chocolate

I saw a blog post that had this red velvet chocolate soemwhere, and I knew immediately that I had to go out and try it!  Luckily there is a World Market by me so I checked it out after work one day to get one!


The first thing is the smell- it definitely smells like chocolate mixed with cake!  And like the packaging states, this chocolate bar does have a tinge of red throughout, which definitely makes it look different than a regular milk chocolate bar. 

As far as the taste, I can't say for sure that I would've guessed "red velvet" if I didn't already know what flavor it was.  There was definitely a strong cocoa taste and a cake smell like I mentioned before.  However, it was still very good - it is a chocolate bar after all, haha.  It's definitely a fun flavor to try if you're a fan of red velvet cake like I am!

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