Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wheat Thins Zesty Salsa Flavor

I always love trying new products, and Twitter has given me so many more opportunities to do so from lots of fun brands.  There's a different level of brand-to-consumer engagement that I really do love about Twitter, and I think other people that like Twitter would agree. 

So, when I recently was offered a free box of the new Zesty Salsa Wheat Thins, of course I said yes.  I actually wasn't sure if I was getting this flavor or the Spicy Buffalo so it was a nice surprise either way.  I like trying new things, and trying them for free is even better. :o) 

I have to say, these were pretty delicious, and no, not just because they were free.  I brought the box up to NJ with me when I was visiting I and B, and they both said they were good as well.  I wouldn't necessarily be able to discern that it was a "salsa" flavor in a blind taste test, per se, but it had a lot of tasty flavors, including tomato, pepper, a little sweetness and a tiny bit of spice.  Regular Wheat Thins on their own tend to taste a little monotonous to me after a few bites, but these can definitely be eaten on their own for a handful or two.  Would I buy these on my own?  Yes, especially with summer approaching and (hopefully) lots more parties and picnics that I'll be invited to.. hahaha!

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