Monday, May 21, 2012

Love, Love, Love: Andy Cohen

Of course I couldn't mention Andy Cohen's book signing without talking about it after it happened!!

First - of course some element of couponing had to take place, haha.  The site said books be available to buy at the signing, but I decided to save some $$ (surprise surprise).  I received a 20% off coupon via email from Barnes & Noble the day before the signing, so I figured that was a good time to pick up the book.  With the 20% new hardcover discount, 10% member discount, and my 20% off coupon, I got over $10 off the retail price, woohoo!

And... on to the signing!!  I hustled over to Bethesda Row on Friday, and there was a HUGE line snaking around the Bethesda Row area.  It was well-organized and monitored by security though, which was nice to ensure no line-cutters or confusion.  There were also some restaurants handing out mini panna cotta cups, sandwiches, and brownies, which was a nice touch.  It didn't take long for the line to move through, and I realized why - they had set it up so we had our books open to a specific page for him to sign, as well as two people specifically in charge of taking people's cameras/phones to snap a quick photo before moving on to the next person.  That being said, OF COURSE I still talked to Andy as much as possible without getting escorted out.

And now, a non-dramatic-but-disturbingly-specific retelling of our interaction:

Me: Hi!! So nice to meet you! (reaching out to shake his hand... I have no idea why I did this, he did seem a little surprised, but oh well).

AC: Hi there!

Me: Do you mind adding a "MAZEL" to my book?

AC: Sure.

(Photo being taken, AC starts signing the book as he is smiling for the photo).

Me: So are you a pro now at signing names while taking the photo?

AC: Yes... but not with your name!

(We laugh, and totally have a MOMENT)

Me: Thank you!!!

AC: It was nice meeting you, thanks!

LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ANDY COHEN.  I wanted to run back and ask him 2983479823743938974 questions about Housewives gossip, if he actually likes Jeff Lewis or hates him, why they decided to have that stupid Work of Art show, and why I have never been able to get through on the phone to Watch What Happens Live, and so on.  Alas, I could only have about 20 seconds of talking to him, but it was still so much fun!!


  1. HAHA - yayyyy!!! Glad it was such a great/fun experience!