Friday, May 10, 2013

BourbonSteak - Grilled Cheese Month

At the end of April, C and I met up at Bourbon Steak to try their final grilled cheese sandwich in their grilled cheese month.  The one we tried consisted of raclette with Dijon and cornichons on a baguette.  Plus, as you can see, a giant pickle, haha.

The sandwich was a great mix of cheesy, tangy, and crunchy, and unlike any grilled cheese I've ever had.  There were little pockets of just mustard that were a little too strong for me, but overall I thought this was delicious, especially with a tall glass of beer.  I hope that Bourbon Steak continues to offer special lounge-only specials like this.  Oh, and that pickle? That pickle was AMAZING. Bourbon Steak, your pickler (?) deserves a raise, big time, because that pickle was seriously really delicious!

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