Monday, February 10, 2014

Georgetown Cupcake - Free Chocolate Strawberry Ganache Cupcake

So, this might be the only time (well, hopefully) that I post about Georgetown Cupcake without a photo, haha.

You see, the other day, the free cupcake of the day was posted as "Chocolate Strawberry Ganache", so I went to Georgetown Cupcake and asked for it.  At that point, I was told by the cashier that the free one that they had was a regular Chocolate Ganache cupcake, so I naturally assumed that's what it was.  Fast forward two days, and I bit into the cupcake without really thinking much of it.

Turns out, it WAS a Chocolate Ganache cupcake... with strawberry frosting in the middle, hahaha.  I had already split the cupcake into pieces so it wouldn't have made the best photo - just imagine a Chocolate Ganache cupcake with pink frosting in the middle.  I love Georgetown Cupcake's strawberry frosting so this was a nice flavor combination, like chocolate-covered strawberries.  Maybe they will offer this free cupcake again and I'll have a photo of it next time :o)


  1. Oooooo that sounds soooooo good! I wish I lived near a Georgetown Cupcake to sample their freebies!