Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Astro Doughnuts

I looooooooooooooved Astro Doughnuts' doughnuts at the insane BYT DonutFest, but I still hadn't made it over to their storefront until recently.  The space is tiny, but filled with lots of delicious goodies.  

Here's the day's menu- I love that they showcase the day's selections in the actual doughnut form, such a delicious menu board :o)

Delicious doughnuts aside, my main focus was to try Astro's fried chicken, which I have never tried before.  I got the 2 piece fried chicken, and enjoyed it with my friend M out on the bench in front of the store.  This chicken wasn't really greasy at all and super crisp - a decadent and delicious start to my day for sure!  As long as you like sweets and/or fried chicken, there's something for all of your sweet and salty cravings here!

Astro Doughnuts
1308 G Street NW
Washington, DC 20005