Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BYT DonutFest, DC

On March 2nd, a few of my friends and I embarked on a sugar high like none other, in the form of BYT's DonutFest - an afternoon of doughnuts as far as the eye can see, seriously.  As you might imagine, this event was AWESOME for a doughnut-lover like myself, and I really hope that they have this event again.  I especially liked trying out shops that are not yet opened, which makes me even more excited to try them out (hopefully) soon. 

Here's a quick rundown of the gluttonous day:

GBD doughnut holes; Zeke's DC Donutz red velvet doughnut

Store-bought doughnuts, in case the 293483948739247374324 options weren't enough, haha.

Jackie's brioche doughnut with blood orange glaze

Astro Doughnuts selections

Astro Doughnuts' samples, including s'mores, creme brulee, passionfruit, etc.

Eventide - I especially loved the yuzu sesame on the bottom center! 

Mac's cider doughnut on a stick, perfect for a crowded event like this one.

Farmers Fishers Bakers - vanilla crullers 

Pizzeria Orso - Nutella doughnuts

District Doughnut offered lots of tasty choices as well as coffee, which was a nice touch.

Poste - Yes, they really served duck fat doughnuts with bourbon maple glaze, haha.

Hot Hot Bakery - Vanilla custard doughnuts (they also had a Nutella version, not pictured).

Heller's Bakery brought a TON of doughnut options, as you can see here.

 A little memento from GBD - I can't wait to try their fried chicken too!

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