Thursday, March 14, 2013

White Chocolate Easter M&Ms at Target

Ooh la la - another fun limited edition find!

This year, Mars offered a white chocolate M&M for Easter, only available at Target stores.  Their shape is very similar to peanut butter M&Ms - a little fatter than the regular milk chocolate version.  If you're a fan of white chocolate, you will definitely love these. I likened them to white chocolate vitamins - way too easy to eat a handful or two, haha.  Even if you're not a huge white chocolate fan, I think these would be a nice addition to a snack mix, or even better in baked goods.  Give them a try if you like trying out seasonal candies!


  1. Are these stamped with an easter design? I got some on clearance that I hope to use at a baby shower, but I don't want an easter design on them. I haven't opened my bags yet to check.

    1. No they just have light blue "M"s stamped on them!