Friday, March 22, 2013

Shake Shack - Chocolate Chip Cookie Custard

As I've tasted and documented many of Shake Shack's custard flavors, I've come to notice that the photos don't always showcase the special menu items properly, haha.  Case in point - if you look closely, you might see some chocolate swirls in this cup, but you probably wouldn't guess this as the Chocolate Chip Cookie custard.

That being said, Shake Shack definitely doesn't skimp on making each special flavor taste exactly as they are named, haha.  This vanilla custard base had swirls of chocolate throughout, and little chunks of chocolate chip cookies in the bottom of the cup.  It was like eating a Chipwich, in cup form, mmm.  This is a classic flavor combo, and anyone that is a fan of chocolate chip cookies will love this one! 

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