Monday, March 18, 2013

Daikaya DC - Miso Ramen

After trying Daikaya's shoyu ramen, I knew I'd be back SOON to enjoy their ramen again, haha.  On this visit I ordered the Mugi-Miso Ramen, topped with roast pork, chashu, bean sprouts, onions, garlic, ground pork, and scallions.  I couldn't get enough of the nitamago last time, so I added on an order of the egg to this miso ramen. 

Once again, I really enjoyed this bowl of ramen.  The mugi-miso broth was lighter than other miso ramens I've tried before, but still had the delicious richness.  Again, even being not much of an egg lover, LOVE LOVE LOVE the partially cooked marinated egg here. It's SO good!  As of the beginning of March, Daikaya is also open for lunch, which makes me super jealous of everyone that works in the area!