Friday, February 7, 2014

Lay's Milk Chocolate-covered Chips

I came across these chocolate-covered potato chips at Target late last year, and knew that I HAD to try them.  I mean, stuff like this is basically a guarantee that I will buy it, let's be honest.  

So, first things first - these potato chips are super thick, to the point that some of them looked more like chocolate discs and not potato chips at all.  But, I can see why they had to be thick, to hold all of that chocolate coating.  I actually liked the chips that were only partially coated more than fully coated - the full chocolate coverage was a little too much, especially after a few bites.  I liked having the plain chip sections to break it up a little bit.  I shared this bag with co-workers and I'm glad I did that, considering how rich these chips were, haha.  These were initially offered as a holiday-only promotional item, so we shall see if they'll be back in stores at some point in the future! 

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