Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Georgetown Cupcake - Blond Banana Cupcake

This month, Georgetown Cupcake has a Valrhona Blond Ganache cupcake on the menu, so it was probably a matter of time before the "secret" flavors started including this Valrhona Blond ganache frosting as well.  

This recent secret flavor was a banana cake with Valrhona Blond ganache on top as the frosting.  I definitely got a freshly frosted cupcake, as the ganache topping was glossy and still runny, haha.  I'm not really familiar with Valrhona Blond chocolate, but it reminded me of a rich caramel flavor, and it paired really well with the banana cake.  And, since it's a banana cake, it's ok to eat this for breakfast... haha.  This was a great combination, and I hope they bring it back again! 

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