Thursday, June 12, 2014

Union Market Eats - May 2014

M and I met up recently for a food-filled morning at Union Market - because it was over Memorial Day weekend, it was way less crowded than a usual weekend.  This allowed us to sit and try out multiple shops inside Union Market, which was a lot of fun!  We hit up a few places and had a delicious morning, especially the soft shell crab, one of my favorite seasonal items. 

I loved the Pyrex coffee sets at Buffalo & Bergen!

Soft and tasty knish from Buffalo & Bergen

Rappahanock Oyster Bar - Grilled oyster with Jalapeno compound butter

Rappahanock Oyster Bar - Softshell crab tempura with charred asparagus, asparagus vichyssoise, lemon creme fraiche 

Toki Underground Pop-up - Steamed pork buns

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