Friday, June 27, 2014

Goldbely - Ramen Burger

I missed out on getting Cronuts shipped to me from Goldbely a while back, so when I saw this "sale" for Ramen Burgers, I knew I had to try to get it!  Eventually, my order went through and I was able to get a set of two Ramen Burgers sent to my home, woohoo!

The package was huge, mainly due to the shipping container that kept the contents cold, and the package arrived completely intact.  Every component was separate, and all I had to do was prepare each component and assemble it.  

Here we have my first Ramen Burger with baby spinach added. The special sauce that they provided was delicious - it tasted like a mix of Japanese BBQ sauce with some daikon radish to me, but I'm not quite sure what is in it.  As you can see the ramen buns are prepared well so that they don't fall apart as soon as you start pan-frying them, which I was impressed with.  I thought this was such a fun way to eat ramen and a burger, and I love that Goldbely has continued to offer these opportunities to those of us that don't live near the store/restaurants! 

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