Friday, April 10, 2015

Cheeky Goods at Target

If you shop at Target at all, especially around the home/cleaning supplies area, these Cheeky goods have very likely caught your eye at some point!  I saw their brightly colored paper plates and cups before and always thought they were very cute.  I also love the company's mission, which is to help provide meals to people facing hunger in the US, by donating a meal for every item sold.  

However, at the time I didn't really think I was in the market for these items so I figured I would wait until a picnic or a party to pick some up.  Then recently, a fabulous surprise box filled with Cheeky products arrived at my home, haha!

In the box there were dessert plates, entree plates, bowls, a set of travel coffee cups with lids, and a sleeve of bright purple/magenta plastic cups in my package.  The funny thing was, I was hosting some friends the weekend after I received this box, so it was perfect timing to use items like this.  For this post I am only talking about the plates and bowls, as I haven't used the cups yet.  I am actually specifically waiting on using the cups until my mom visits in a few weeks, because she likes using portable coffee cups to drink tea in the car, and I figured these would be perfect for that, haha.

Before my friends arrived that weekend, I also baked a batch of brownies to bring into work.  Normally, I just bring baked goods in whatever container I could find to fit them, but the striped Cheeky entree plates were perfect to transport brownies to work in.  I also brought a handful of the dessert plates in, for people to save and/or enjoy their brownie pieces on.

And here we have the little setup I had for hosting my friends over the weekend - a bunch of little bites on each of the plates/bowl types that I received.  I mixed the savory foods with a few of my mini Crate and Barrel bowls  filled with various Easter candy.   The Cheeky items held up well without any sogginess or tearing (particularly with the cucumber slices and constantly cutting the cheese with a real knife), and my friends commented on how cute the designs were!

I think the best thing about the Cheeky items, aside from their mission to fight hunger and other charitable work, is that their pieces are FUN. A chevron printed bowl is going to be way cuter than the plain off-white paper bowl any day, and these definitely add a nice touch to parties, picnics, and even just everyday use.  Check out the Cheeky section at Target next time you want some durable paper/plastic goods that are fun to look at, and help you contribute to a great cause! 

*Note: I was sent a box of items from Cheeky (shown above) but not required or asked to write a review/blog post,  I also did not receive any compensation for doing so.  Just thought I would share some of the things I used their products for in my own home! 

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