Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kit Kat - Chili Pepper

I enjoy spicy food, but I was still a little unsure about these Chili Pepper Kit Kats from Japan.  I wasn't sure how spicy these would be, or if they would really go well with the chocolate and wafers.

The initial smell seemed like a regular chocolate Kit Kat, and the color didn't give anything away either. I was wondering if they were going to be tinted red, haha. After a few bites, I finally got some of the heat from the chili peppers.  It wasn't too strong, and built up a little bit the longer you eat it.  it was actually pretty cool, and reminded me of some "spicy Mexican chocolate" that you see sometimes in desserts and chocolate shops.  The mild spice didn't take away from the chocolate, it just made it more interesting compared to a regular chocolate Kit Kat.  I wouldn't necessarily buy these all the time if I was in Japan, but I am glad I tried them out! 

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