Friday, April 17, 2015

Target - Soap Dish Set

If you're a fan of cute home items and the candles that they're always burning at Anthropologie, this is a perfect little set for you!  I saw a fashion blogger post this on Instagram, saying they found a soap set at Target that smelled just like the Capri Blue Volcano candles.  Prior to that, I had actually seen the Mother's Day display area at Target that included this soap, but didn't really think much of it as I passed by it.  On my next visit, I definitely spent some more time looking at the items there, haha.  

This soap is technically a Pineapple Mango soap, but really, really, really, does smell a LOT like the Volcano candles.  I'm basing this on smelling both of them in my apartment - they really do smell very similar to each other, haha.  The wrapping paper for the soap is adorable, and it comes with the cute gold and white colorblock tray that can also be used for jewelry, loose change, office supplies, etc.  This is a great little gift for someone that also loves Volcano candles or pretty soap! 

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